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Having a baby? When you are pregnant there are many choices to make…

Birth can be beautiful. Learn here how to have the kind of birth you wish for. Know your rights in labour. Protect your baby and protect your body. Get informed.

Know your rights

Know your rights

Where to give birth? Hospital, birth centre or home? Check out the intervention rates at your local hospital to help you to make a decision.

Who to employ as your care provider? Who you choose is important. You are entrusting your baby, your body and your birth to this special person. Make the right choice for you.

How will you cope during labour? What can you do to prepare yourself to welcome your baby into this world in the best possible way?

Learn more about the interventions you may be offered routinely in most hospitals.

Give yourself choices by learning about the alternatives.

My Birth Annual Awards



HIGHEST INDUCTION RATE IN NSW (2009) – Inverell Hospital 44%

HIGHEST IM NARCOTICS RATE IN NSW (2009) – Griffith Base 48.30%

HIGHEST EPISIOTOMY RATE IN NSW (2009) – Goulburn Base 35.7%

For a list of all award winners click here.

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Informed decision making as a human right. Being able to make decisions about what happens to our bodies is a basic human right — it goes to an individual’s fundamental autonomy, dignity and bodily integrity, as reflected in article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” To give someone medical read more...
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You have a choice: This video is a synopsis of a typical birth by a registered nurse in a hospital in the USA, followed by individuals and couples sharing their birth experiences. During your birth you will be faced with many choices.  You can educate yourself so that you are the one in control, so that you can create a safe space, surrender to the process of birth and have an amazing experience…  Birth is not a medical procedure.  Your body is designed to birth your baby. You can choose to either be a passive patient handing control over to the hospital, or you can be actively in control of your own birth.
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