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Caesarean of Kiko
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3 Responses to “Caesarean of Kiko”
  1. Samantha

    While watched this I was expecting a very sterile environment, I was expecting lots of medical personnel, I was expecting to see some one get cut but I wasn’t expecting how the baby was delivered, that truly shocked me, it looked so forced, like they were yanking the baby out who was unaware what was happening. The screams that baby made me cry which I wasn’t expecting, I am not normally that emotional, just the shock of what I saw and the sound of those cries hit me. I also was shocked watching the baby be taken away from the mother.

  2. michelle

    Thanks Samantha for sharing. Yes this video had a similar impact on us which is why we have it up here.

    Our c-section rates are rising rapidly and if more women knew the reality of the procedure maybe they would question it more.

    This is from an overseas hospital but shows clearly the whole operation and the epidural.

    Statistics show there are hospitals in Australia where a woman giving birth there is more likely to have a caesarean than a normal vaginal birth. The remainder of births are forceps/vacuum extractions.

    • sab

      Let’s not forget that c-sections are sometimes the safest options for both mum and bub. The whole website is very biased…you seem to throw in one positive about c-sections and other non-’natural’ procedures just to appear as though you are remaining impartial. It scares women who are educated on the situation, have sought medical consultation from various doctors and other health care providers and still have no other choice and are making the best decision for their baby. It is simple…all births are different…even for the same mother. The worst part of my birthing experience was the midwives…they had no empathy and their only goal was to tick the ‘natural labour’ box despite the complications I was experiencing. And after the birth, which ended in an emergency c-section, breast feeding was a challenge and the midwives were happy to let my baby lose well over 10% of its body weight just to avoid the use of formula. So maybe it isn’t the hospitals that are a problem…maybe it is the midwives who impose their opinions on your birth and your baby and turn it into a game.

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