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Natural Birth

Birthing allows us to address some of our greatest fears and find our greatest strengths. It is a journey of self-discovery and self-accomplishment” — Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani

Family experience the bliss of a natural birth

Family experience the bliss of a natural birth

Natural Birth is labour that proceeds without unecessary medical interventions

— for example Caesarean section, epidural anesthesia, artifical induction of labour.

In some cases these interventions have their place, but for the large majority of women, they aren’t needed.


4.4% Private Hospital — No Pain Relief rates (NSW)

14% Public Hospital — No Pain Relief rates (NSW)

(Source: NSW Mothers & Babies Report 2006)

Check your local hospital here in our Birth Services Revealed to see how many women give birth without drugs, including epidurals.

Midwife at a hospital birth using hand held doppler to check baby's heart rate while mum stays upright on the swiss ball

Midwife at a birth centre using a hand held doppler to check baby's heart rate while mum stays upright on the swiss ball

Principles of Birth Wisdom — What Every Woman Should Know

(From Mother-Daughter Wisdom – Creating a Legacy of Physical and Emotional Health by Dr Christine Northrup)

Principle One: Labour proceeds on its own schedule

Principle Two: Childbirth is designed by nature to be a peak experience, characterised by joy, love, ecstasy.

Principle Three: Birth is sexual.

Principle Four: How we are born imprints both mother and baby.

Principle Five: Natural birth is safe.

Principle Six: What we believe affects how we give birth.

Principle Seven: Who you choose to have with you when you birth can change your experience.

Principle Eight: Who you choose to listen to about labour can change your experience.

Principle Nine: Fear Hurts.

Principle Ten: Labour can be hard work. Labour can hurt. The rewards are worth it.

Learn more here about how your hormones are perfectly attuned during a natural birth

When a woman is in labor, a little fight goes on in the woman’s brain. One part of her brain, the intellect, will tell her that she should do certain things. Perhaps those are things that we learned in childbirth classes; perhaps those are things that other people have told her that she should do to cope with birth.

But from the other part of the brain will come an urge so deep within her that it will compel her to move her body and to use her voice in a completely different way.

Those are her deep instincts about childbirth, but we have buried these for so long that most of us have forgotten that knowledge. Occasionally, though, I see women who remember… — Candace Whitridge

The process of birth is one of nature’s highest achievements. Nature in all her wisdom has designed it so that the experience teaches a woman about her inner resources and how to access them. If participated in consciously and fully, labour will cement the relationship between the mother and child, and, if the mother’s mate is present, between all three of them. — Dr Christine Northrup

Mum meets her new baby

Mum meets her new baby after a natural birth

Photo Credit: Top and bottom / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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