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Mum ecstatic after a natural birth

Mum ecstatic after a natural birth

Knowledge is Power

The amount of knowledge a woman needs now to achieve the birth outcome she wants is massive in the medically managed birth environment in which the majority of Australian women give birth today.

The latest figures show in 2007, more than 97% of women in Australia give birth in the medically managed environment of a hospital.

Many of them had beautiful births. Sadly so many of them did not and are still coming to terms with their experience.

Only 2.2% of women gave birth in a birth centre.

0.8% of women had a planned home birth or other birth such as unexpected birth before arrival in hospital.

More than 40% of women who gave birth in Australia had an operative birth — an instrumental delivery with forceps or vacuum extraction or caesarean section. These have considerable risks for the baby and the mother.

In Australia in 2007, there were 294,205 babies born.

30.9% of the 289,496 women who gave birth had caesareans. Only 57.9% had non-instrumental vaginal births. (Some women who gave birth had twins or other multiple births.)

The main reason for the caesareans was previous caesarean. 83% of women in Australia who have a primary caesarean will have a repeat caesarean.

870 women had homebirths in 2007.

In 2007, there were 2,177 fetal deaths reported in all the births in Australia that year – only 3 of these were at homebirths. Of babies born at home in 2007, 99.7% were liveborn.

In 2006, there were 282,169 babies born. There were 2,091 fetal deaths in all the births in Australia that year. There were 708 homebirths in 2006. No fetal deaths occurred during these 708 homebirths in 2006.

This website intends to show clearly the implications of common interventions women and babies experience when they give birth.

More importantly we offer ideas and alternatives to these interventions.

Know your rights in labour. Protect your baby and protect your body. GET INFORMED

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This website is a non-profit project intended to help inform Australian women about birth and the services available to them.

(Statistics from Australia’s Mothers and Babies 2007 Report — this is the most recent Australia wide report publicly available)

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